Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. - Bo Jackson

Hi, I’m Daena (pronounced DAY-NA). I create professional websites and build personal relationships one URL at a time.

Throughout my career I have worked for either small businesses or nonprofit organizations… businesses and organizations on tight budgets who simply cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars building a company website, let alone funds to market their products and services.

Turning to “free” services to build your company website may seem like an ideal solution for budgetary constraints. However, most websites are limited in features you need, and overcharge for features you don’t. You are, in essence, shoehorned into a design that may meet most needs but not all. And if you read the fine print most of the assets (images and other content) on your “free” website don’t belong to you  – they belong to the company providing the “free” service. 

At DSWebOmaha I will custom design a WordPress website that is tailored toward YOUR needs. Your site will have features YOU want… not what a company thinks you need. All assets belong to you – you are the sole owner. With WordPress you can manage your site from anywhere – Omaha, NE to London, UK. Anywhere you receive a wireless internet signal you can update your site, on your terms, and on your schedule. I can even update the website for you if you prefer.

You can have the professional website you’ve always dreamed of having without breaking your bank account to do it. Let me give you a quote today!